Jeremiah, Casey and the Porpoises light up outdoor community space!

On 19 November 2016, the Medicinal Porpoises, Casey Marie and Jeremiah Johnson performed at the new outdoor community space at the Queen Street Community Hall.

The Yeppoon Recreation Youth INC. committee, who manage and maintain the hall grounds, have been working to improve the outdoor area through working bees, grant applications and with the assistance of other volunteers, local tradespeople and the Green Army.

Thanks for this first outdoor event go to Steve Butler for organising the musicians- including touring artist Jeremiah Johnson. Sherry Zimple provided delicious food from her catering business 'The Tango Room'. Haley was there with chai and comfy cushions, and the hall committee was able to sell drinks to fundraise for further improvements to this space! It was a beautiful cool and windy Yeppoon evening and Nick Smith’s geodesic dome, lit-up in fairy lights, provided a lovely stage area. John McGrath was able to capture some of this laid back evening of original music, as shown in these brilliant images.

Thanks so much to all who came along and enjoyed the night, we really appreciate your support!

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