Village Fest Triumph!

The inaugural 'Chai Lounge' at the Queen Street Community Hall, as a venue for the 2017 Village Festival, was a massive success. The hall was packed on Friday night and busting at the seams by Saturday night. You could literally feel the vibrations in the hall, as everyone danced the night away to Melbourne junkyard blues duo, 'Lily & King'. There were many other highlights over the weekend, including the Gypsy Jazz Cafe and Saltwater Citizens in the evenings; the Capricorn Gospel Choir had a huge audience during the day on Saturday. Both workshops were well attended, and the Yoga and Kirtan brought many people out first thing- many participants spending some time drinking chai and relaxing in the hall afterwards, DD Cooper and son Will Hearn were a crowd favourite on Saturday afternoon, so too was prize winning, Kate Mahood. Kirsten Hannaford was the first artist to perform on Friday night and her spoken word was touching, brilliant and very well received. Scott Foden performed and amazing acoustic set and really set the scene for a great weekend of music. The hall committee would like to extend their thanks to everyone who attended over the weekend. Some popped in for a short while, others were there for it all! The generosity and support of the community was incredibly overwhelming. Needless to say our volunteers are all tired and exhausted, but I'm sure we can twist their arms to do it again some time! Thanks again everyone. Here are some photos to enjoy....

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