And they are dancing in the dark!

Thanks to the Livingstone Shire Council, Keppel Bay Sailing Club and Inverness Yeppoon Community Grant Scheme, the Queen Street Community Hall is now adorned with some beautiful, high quality curtains. When drawn, these gorgeous drapes allow long standing hall hirers 'No lights, no Lycra' (NLNL) to provide their all abilities dance class - in the dark! In addition to this, the curtains have dramatically improved the acoustics inside the hall, while reducing the amount of sound traveling into the neighborhood. The curtains were made to order and installed by Spotlight Rockhampton - special thanks to Judy for this service. Julie Barratt from NLNL (featured in the photo below) helped the hall committee put together original grant application, and her great work has paid off!! We hope the community enjoys the addition to the hall - come along on Tuesdays at 7:15PM for NLNL or try one of the other brilliant weekly recreational classes on offer.

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