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Queens Fest Artists:

New Nectar playing at 12.15PM New Nectar is a thrashing local band full of keen young talent. They bring to the stage a wide arsenal of hits, ranging from genre-definitely bangers from the 70’s, to the pub rock classics of the 80’s, to high-energy grunge straight from the 90’s. The group of teens include the classic 4-piece lineup, featuring:

Jordan King (Vocals, Rhythm guitar)

Joe Bennett (Lead guitar, Backup vocals)

Charlie Willis (Bass guitar)

Zach Burns (Drums)

New Nectar is stoked to return to the Queen Street Hall once again for another year of great music!

Mia Michaels playing at 1PM - local solo artist performing originals and covers.

Ghost OG playing at 5.30PM - Little is known of the origins or early years of Ghost OG, the little that is known is shrouded by yet more mystery? Did he really defeat him? It's prophesied that during he's early years he was presumed missing for an unmeasured length of time, legend has it during this hiatus he was ambling through the Australian outback working with various new age and ancient wordsmiths.

Kate Leahy playing at 6.30PM - Kate Leahy is a local folk / pop / rock singer songwriter. She has released four Eps with her latest releases from 2022 both reaching #1 on the AMRAP Regional Chart. Kate has recently recorded her fifth EP which will be released early 2023. Kate’s music has been used in TV commercials and series’ both nationally and internationally. Other highlights include touring Australia, Germany, and the UK, and supporting Matt Corby, Mia Dyson and Wendy Matthews.

Ries playing at 1.45PM - Ries’ music is a mix of beat poetry, folk, blues and meditative reflection. He will share some original songs and hopes you enjoy the set.

Off with the Fairies performing at 4.30PM - This band goes off ! The music is wild, Celtic and enchanted. The violins scream and then melt into harmonious lullabies. This is an experience like no other –the CQ lounge, to the pub, to the conservatorium. The music arouses emotions of joy, regret, sorrow, and excitement; crossing the gamut of human emotions: it is uplifting, contemplative, riotous and will make you cry into your beer and /or Get Up and Dance !

Will Hearn playing at 3.30PM - Will Hearn is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer songwriter from Yeppoon on the East Coast of Australia. When he first started playing guitar at twelve, Will said it was like revisiting a long lost friend. Channeling his thoughts into little melodies and rhythms - he’s been making music out of his bedroom ever since then. Will’s music is a combination of heartfelt soul and modern psychedelic groove. Inspired by nature, themes in life, emotions and the complexity of the human soul journey.

Kate Mahood playing at 2.30PM- Blending folk stylings and country storytelling, Kate Mahood's songs portray an honesty and vulnerability that resonate deeply with her listeners. Heartfelt and often haunting lyrics coupled with stirring vocals and beautifully crafted guitar melodies, give Mahood a unique and original sound that is truly her own. Growing up with artists like Neil Young, Gillian Welch and Paul Kelly on high rotation, this self-taught guitarist & songwriter refined her craft for over ten years before ever taking to the stage. Best known for her captivating and intimate live shows, Mahood has been winning over fans around Australia since she first performed at the Tamworth Academy of Music in 2017. Since then she has gone from strength to strength, making regular appearances at festivals and events and opening for artists including Busby Marou, Harry Manx, The Whitlams, Liz Stringer, Josh Cunningham (of the Waifs) and Felicity Urquhart. Mahood’s much anticipated debut single ‘Man Of Honour’ was released in January 2022 followed by her most recent release ‘Silver and Gold’ in May, a soaring folk song about our connection to the world around us. Mahood is currently based in the tiny township of Byfield, Queensland.

Ben Brady playing at 7.30PM - Ben Brady is a Blues soloist and songwriter living on the beautiful Capricorn Coast. He keeps a guitar at the breakfast table and starts everyday with a song. He’s had the privilege over the last decade to take his family on the road and perform at some of the east coasts most beautiful festival locations. He loves putting hard time lyrics into dirty acoustic riffs and screaming harmonicas. The end result… Ben Bradys Blues.

Scream Azov playing at 8.30PM - Herding cats’ describes the inner workings of this band of local troubadours. With gusto and pandemonium these provincial musos write and play their own music for your listening pleasure. If you’re looking for genuine sounds of Yeppoon with a hint of vodka and a large serving of borscht, Scream Azov is for you.

The Gluten Three playing at 9.30PM - Formally known as Spatula Party, this is a 4 piece local Yeppoon band playing an original set of fun, funky, and upbeat rock tunes.


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